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Various Dental Implants and Implanting Procedures

Your dentist will also explain to you the procedures that will have to be conducted to successfully place a dental implants in Lakewood. For your background study, discussed below are the different kinds of dental implants and implant techniques.

Types of dental implants

This is not a confusing topic since there are only two types of dental implants.

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·    Endosteal implants are placed in the jawbone. They are shaped like small screws that go into a hole made into your jawbone. These dental screws are typically made of titanium to ensure durability, stability, and strength.

·    Subperiosteal implants are placed under the gum. Unlike endosteal implants, they are placed either above or on the jawbone. This implant is ideal for people who cannot or are not willing to undergo a bone augmentation treatment. They are not as popular as endosteal implants.

Dental implant-related procedures

Several procedures might have to be followed to make your jawbone support dental implants. Some of these procedures are as follows.

·    Bone augmentation is done to restore and restructure your jaw bone in a way that it will hold an endosteal implant. This allows for a sturdy implant foundation.

·    Sinus lift or sinus augmentation is done to restore the size of the natural jawbone that might have deteriorated due to missing upper teeth. It involves adding bone under the sinus.

·    A ridge expansion is done to expand your jaw to support dental grafts. It involves adding bone graft to a space created over your jaw.


Dental implants and the procedures involved in getting them can sound scary. However, they do not cause even half of the discomfort caused by tooth extraction. The result you get with dental implants is phenomenal and as natural as possible.