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Why Marketing By Email Still Has Its Place

email marketing

This late into the 21st century, you might have been led to believe that having an email set-up is like visiting an old, dusty library that hardly anyone else goes to these days. The reasons why hardly anyone bothers to read these are, quite frankly, stupendous. But today, email marketing as you would have come to know it previously, could be at a cusp. Owing to the fact that people are restricted for movement, one way or another, it’s like having a long-lost penfriend to communicate with on an almost regular basis.

Of course, it goes without saying that pretty much everyone who is somebody is going to on his or her preferred social media network, one way or another. But the messaging system is rather rushed or in flux. Crucial messages could very well be lost. And the downside of this is that a marketer could be sending hundreds of these messages out over a given period of time but not realise the sought after sales. This puts him on the spot and he lets his client down. A handful of clients is better than having no clients at all.

Well, that could be true. But what if these clients turn out to be what you could call bits and pieces clients. You get a sale here. And you get a sale there. But then you are back to square one. Now you have to start the process all over again. Hunting for new clients. That is time-consuming, tedious and costly. No, what you would much rather be doing is receiving what you could call clients for keeps. They would much rather you send them the occasional email to notify them of certified products and/or services of interest to them.